Southern Island (Ver.02)

When life is grey, and gloomy all the way
About time for me to stop the chase
Leaving this draining life, longing for sunlight
It won't be too bright
Sunshine.. Drive out the dark night!

Take me to the place, no where but there
Take me to the south, and nowhere north
Imagine ourselves to chill by the shore
Balaba balaba balaba balabababa
I won't ask for more. I won't care no more. I don't even take a dime to the shore
I just wanna go straight to the south. My southern island.

Getting tan, you see my tan (burn) line
About time for me to taste a lime
with Bahama Mama, Margarita, or Pina Colada
Melt into my heart
It feels nice, just let it starts

Repeat chorus

Bring me anywhere

La la la la la la・・・・
Tsu re tette, Tsu re tette. Ne!?