【 Start (over) Again 】 Ver.130221

Once I thought it was the end of road

Dead end... no where to go
lost and in confusion, surrounded by the wall

Seems we'd made a wrong turn long a go
At the point of no return
It's time / to get me out of here
Time to be on (right) track

So hang on to the world / that we dreamed about
It may take a long time/ but we will be there
we've got to push it / to, make it real
Here I am Let's start again.

Now we have decided / way to go
Back to / where we began
All our memories flashing by
The same / old things we've done

Don't know what would happen , but to move
We've got / no time to waste
And we've learned / things from past
there must be way out

So every time I sing this song of start again
It gives me the power to make / something new
(This)Got to be way out / (that) I should go
No matter what, I'll start (over) again