2013.05.02 【 Sha La La 】

【 Sha La La 】

By: Silian

Sha la la sunday has begun
It's 7oclock in the morning
Sha la la the sun is shining high
And you are sleeping by my side

I touch your lips, " wake up my dear"
You open up your eyes, and kiss my ear .. Oh.. No..

You wash the lettuce, I make the omelet
You put the salad in the plate
I top the eggs with mayonnaise
With you, the breakfast's in perfect taste..
Sha la la .. Sha la la la la..

Sha la la the leaves are falling down
And fill the park with crispy golden brown
Sha la la I feel the autumn breeze
Your arm's with me before I sneeze
"Look!" the mountains, "Look!" the river
It seems like we are taking on
"A magic carpet ride"

The sun is smiling, trees are waving
The birds are singing like a band
We are walking hand in hand
I wish this lovely moment'd never end
Sha la la sha la la la la..

It's time for me to write a song,
About our precious memories
I'll do the writing in simple wordings
We play it every night to sing along
Sha la la sha la la la la la

Our youth will fade, the'coming decades
The world will change but I am sure, our song will always stay

When time runs away, our hair turns grey
We'll still share the sun's first rays
We'll keep singing everyday
to our memories, like we did today
Sha la la sha la la la la..

Sha la la memories never fade