2013.07.08 【 Sha La La 】
【 Sha La La 】

Song by : Chiko
Lyrics by: Manan

Sha La La

Shalala what a beautiful day
Getting up to the sound of birds
Shalala lets sing a song
But I knew that something wasn’t right

Everyday things don’t go
The way you want it but oh well
But someday you’ll get there
If you give in your best you’ll get what you need
Just the matter of trying or not

Shalala time goes on
Some days it’s just not your day
Shalala start of something new
But something held me back

Everyday I do my part
Feels as if no one can hear me
But someday things will change
Any way you want it So just keep your faith
So don’t you dare look back
Shalala Shalala

Sometimes you can’t always
Get what you want
can’t you see ?
But don’t worry You’ll get there
You are more than what you see
Shalala Shalala

Everyday feels like
Going through the same routine
But if you keep going
It’ll be worthwhile Just believe in yourself
Because you’re stronger than you think
Shalala Shalala

Everything’s gonna be alright