【 Indigo Blue 】
Song by : SAKI
Lyrics by: TWIGGY

Don't you know
I'm in an indigo mood
Don't you know
I was wishing you would bring me away

Follow our hearts wherever we go
Don't know why
I can feel something blue in your eyes

Look at the falling rain
Our pain inside is washed away
Our vision is becoming clear
Only when we can look into our own hearts
We can be mended and open again

Looking around us there is high rise and blue sky
It's a fine line that is the sea and the sun
Between the good times and bad times
A blink of the eye
It's about my life

Destiny shines like galaxy of twinkly stars
Just like the thousands of sparkling city lights
Now it’s time to wipe your tears
Who is looking outside, for your dream,
Who is looking inside, awakes
Who is looking for a brand new life
Who will climb up on top again