2017.02.24 Indigo Blue
indigo blue

Darkness falls
into a treacherous city

it could be
Chilling and frosting all through the night

it makes me fell like a........ lonely one
you’re the one , who cheer me up and pulled up from dark

It was a few weeks(days) ago, you happen to be appear in my life.
seems like that we have known for a long .......
its such a (tresuresless) Precious time, having you in my life
(be you and me)
Don’t wana never let it go.


first time for us to be one when we walk our hand in hand
it was a beautiful day in the sky no cloud in our mind.

nothing compare to it
           like this
is it real ?

Sky was so blue
id never seen it so blue
Don’t know what went wrong................

wish I can see your smile again

never I imargin end up like this
so natural to be and easy to fall a part
such a cruel destiny to be part
looking up the sky is so blue again
its a (clear) blue sky again

* no matter what life must go on
*looking up again and the sky is so blue
*its just a another day for world...

easy to be one and easy to be falling part
its just another lose LOT

it always happen so many time
searching for me to settle down
being used to this but the pain in my heart